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We are very proud of our privileged association with Dimensional Fund Advisors, one of the world's leading money managers. We are confident that Dimensional is a great fit for our ReInsuranceMax investment management strategies.

Dimensional has forged deep working relationships with some of the world's leading financial economists (including Nobel Prize winner Eugene Fama) to bring their time-tested theories and research to practice. Though bound to a rigorous process, Dimensional also knows what works for investors. At Dimensional, financial research leads the way in understanding risk and return in securities markets. By maintaining a continuous feedback loop between the academic community, practitioners, and clients, Dimensional is always researching tomorrow's solutions today.

Dimensional's approach strives for a more consistent ability to outperform the markets, which is accomplished not only by their investment acumen, but also by their extreme focus on keeping costs and taxes to a minimum wherever possible.

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Investmark is proud of our affiliation with Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) and excited to be able to provide clients with their unique blend of active and passive investment strategies.

Dimensional was featured recently in the Wall Street Journal in an article titled "Active-Passive Powerhouse."  

Please click the link below for an excerpt from that article that we think you'll find interesting and informative.  

Click here for the WSJ article.