Why Do I Need ReInsuranceMax to Manage My Reinsurance Assets?


  • Managing Your Assets Effectively Is Not a Part-Time Job.   

Many automotive retailers who have created a reinsurance company simply don't have the time or expertise to effectively manage the investment assets. They need the help of a dedicated investment advisor who understands reinsurance laws and regulations and who can help manage risk in the portfolio to meet the unique requirements of their reinsurance company.

  • Free Your Assets from Profit-Guzzling Default Options  

Without a strategy, owners' assets are often automatically placed by the reinsurance provider in a default plan with high-cost, low-yielding alternatives. Our rigorous investment process helps you avoid these pitfalls. When your new investment options are in place, we constantly monitor and rebalance the portfolio to maintain the strategic allocations as cash flows from premiums are added.



  • Take a Bite Out of Taxes!   

It is very difficult for dealers to leverage the unique tax advantages of the reinsurance business on their own, and, as a result, many are needlessly losing significant capital to taxes. Our strategies are extremely tax aware, and we work closely with you and your CPA to maximize tax savings wherever possible.


  • Tune Up Your Financial Assets  

Without an experienced advisor, most reinsurance plans are leaving money on the table. Like a car with an oil leak, if you don't take it in for service, the problem only gets worse. 

Without the right kind of attention, your reinsurance portfolio is basically leaking money. Our experienced, focused advisors will take time to understand your requirements and goals and will develop strategies tailored to tune up your portfolio and keep it running well for the long term.​